ComradePavel_: keep trying to tell me I'm lying though Sylurial: righty so i'm actually glad you whispered me. here's the sauce, boss. virtue signaling is a huge issue these days when someone is trying to prove a point. surely that's understandable, so if you're willing to prove to me (with more than words) that your tailbone surgery costed as little as it did Sylurial: i will give you credit where credit is due Sylurial: you have to understand that $500 is odd. in BC the same thing would cost thousands for someone with a shitty employer ComradePavel_: LUL you think I'm fucking virtue signaling? holy shit you're a bigger piece of shit than I thought Sylurial: no, i'm merely holding you accountable. ComradePavel_: all I paid for was each night of my hospital stays and parking ComradePavel_: holding me accountable? do you want my private medical information? Sylurial: to be blunt, words mean very little to me these days. i used to be a genuine dick and like, psychologically fuck with people. when you recover from that and try to get better, words mean nothing Sylurial: i don't share shit, if that's your concern. got no reason to Sylurial: don't want to share? well that's ok too ComradePavel_: you still are a genuine dick considering you think my lived experience is "virtue signaling" Sylurial: this is the internet. people make elaborate stories up like the plague. you know that.